This game was part of a Game Dev Challenge and it was made in under 6 hours!

This is BotBob!

In this game you guide a tiny robot called BotBob to its shiny destination! You can control if the robot should move or stop and also some elements in the environment.

To play the game:

  • Mouse - Use your mouse to click the play/stop button to make the robot move forward or stop and also to control elements in the environment.
  • At the moment you can control the jump pads (blue blocks on the floor), this will make them jump to reach new heights!

Part of the music/sound effects of this game were downloaded from ZapSplat:

“Additional sound effects from

Thank you for playing!

If you have any feedback make sure to leave it in the comments!

Happy Gaming!


BotBob v1 - Windows 46 MB

Install instructions

Instructions for Windows

  • Download the ZIP File
  • Extract the Folder
  • Open the Folder
  • Open the Executable and Enjoy!

That's it! Thanks for playing it!

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